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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

AC-EMWIN Soon To Get Faster Bulletins!

Things go just right, and by sometime tomorrow some of our AC-EMWIN weather bulletins may be coming out up to a minute or so faster as we add a speedier additional bulletin ingest method!

Currently, our bulletins have been coming out about the same time as or up to 15 seconds before the NOAA Weather Radio. This new ingest method could significantly improve our notification time averages.

Can't wait to get it hooked up and see!

"Isolated Tornado Potential" this evening...


"Isolated tornado potential this evening through early Wednesday..."

See "Severe Storms Possible" tab: http://www.srh.noaa.gov/jax/

Isolated tornadoes potential...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

AC-EMWIN Server Down August 20th-21st...

The AC-EMWIN Server program somehow got locked up yesterday afternoon about 2pm and no bulletins went out for about a 24 hours period. This went unnoticed because I was not able to make my normal daily remote checks on the server due to the fact that I had suffered an on-the-job injury and had been busy with doctors appointments and related medical paperwork and dealing with insurance people.

While the server program might have been down the ingest program, however, continued to actually receive all bulletins downloaded through the EMWIN pipeline and on restart they were all eventually distributed, if but late, for some.

At this time, though, the server is again operating normally. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

AC-EMWIN Server Hiccup Last Night (Now Resolved)

Looks like the AC-EMWIN server had a hiccup, last night...

The AC-EMWIN server program locked up at about 8:45pm. All the other SUB-programs kept operating and passing on files which were apparently stuck in the ingest directory (the place where the program temporarily places new bulletins just downlinked, which are USUALLY then immediately *deleted* after they've been processed). So ZFPs and HWOs that didn't get deleted from the ingest dir (because the program locked up at just the right time) and the other subprograms just kept pulling them so they got duped to some Facebook pages a couple times overnight. As well, the radar images from 8pm last night kept getting resent all night until I noticed it early this morning after getting up.

As to how I even noticed that things were locked up... On getting up I noticed that the EMWIN test clients - here at the house, and which are connected to the main server remotely - weren't offering up the normal early morning beeps and sounds that occur when they receive the usual morning ZFPs and HWOs and paints things on the map. After years of being used this this, you notice something's not right almost immediately. This caused me to take a look around and check for problems. Indeed, the AC-SKYWARN web page hadn't refreshed the watch/warning map since 8:30pm last night. All the text bulletins on the AC-EMWIN page were "old" from late yesterday afternoon/evening. As well, no (current) bulletins were being sent to the surrounding area Emergency Management Facebook pages which were subscribed to us. (EEK!)

We're in the middle of some current ongoing weather so I didn't even bother to deal with checking logs and figuring things out. I just rebooted the machine entirely right away and that seemed to take care of it.

...So things are again working properly. I'll keep an eye on the server to make sure it doesn't happen again. The program usually worked very efficiently and I almost never had any problems with it and it's pretty stable so I don't expect another problem like that.

Coincidentally, the server hiccup started the process of me checking ALL resources for the possible problem and this included checking Alachua FreeNet. While it's not part of our server problem, I discovered that Alachua FreeNet is also apparently down, too. Something hung on THEIR server, too, last night and some of you may notice that your web page dirs are empty. (EEK!) I've notified AFN admin about it and they're taking a look. So in a way, you can thank our own server hiccup for causing a causal exploration which ended up discovering the AFN outage. :)

Friday, December 13, 2013


Got an email from Cape Coral FD Facebook page's admin advising that they weren't seeing ANY bulletins being sent to their FB page for quite a while. On checking our server logs, we saw no errors. Then again, we copuld confirm nothing going out to CCFD - including the daily ZFPs. On checking them again, we noted that the logs confirmed that other NWS FOs are sending out ZFPs, but there are NONE WHATSOEVER noted coming out of NWS Ruskin/Tampa. It was strange. Sent out a few queries to see if anyone else in EMWIN-land knew what was going on.

First time we'd ever encountered such an odd problem before. It was actually location specific.

On doing further research, it appears that NWS-Ruskin (Tampa) has changed quite a number of zone codes for numerous bulletins handled within it's CWA. Many zones which were previously handled as single counties have now been divided up into "inland" and "coastal". When they made the changeover on the 3rd, the old zone codes for the affected counties suddenly ceased working.

The new zone codes were updated into the server setup and all affected bulletins were again working with our system.

NWS had apparently sent out a Public Notification bulletin (PNS) about it but it slipped by us.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Error Corrected On AC-EMWIN Hurricane Graphics Index Page...

WHOOPS! Caught an error on our hurricane graphics index page and corrected it. We prepare the index page manually and if there's a confusing situation as happened with Hernando - where it died, then reformed again, and the NHC renames the old to TC-8 and starts a completely NEW set of bulletins for a newly-formed Humberto it throws off all the rest of the naming system on our page. So post-Humberto deformation, Humberto became TC-8, Ingrid became Humberto, and Jerry became Ingrid, etc. So we added an additional line of code to handle the TC-8 graphic, and then adjusted the numbering of all the subsequent graphics so that they were correct again. Sorry for any inconvenience. Was a pain in the butt for us, too. :)

Incidently, if anyone is good with web page coding and would like to submit to us some new code which might handle all that automatically and create a page that looks the same way it does now, we'd be glad to use it.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

AC-EMWIN Now Serving Cape Coral FD Facebook Page...

In addition to serving the Facebook pages of the Bradford County and Gulf County EMAs, we can now add the Cape Coral Fire Department to the list. All three EMAs are now receiving weather alerts from Alachua County SKYWARN's EMWIN program. So I guess we can officialy brag that we're serving the panhandle, north central, and south Florida areas. This is on TOP of already providing many people in the local area general public with weather alerts to their pagers, cellphones, and personal email accounts...ALL FOR FREE!!!

Not bad for an organization that begs NO money from people - claiming no dues, grants, or funding.

Alachua County EMWIN Project

Alachua County EMWIN Project
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