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Friday, December 13, 2013


Got an email from Cape Coral FD Facebook page's admin advising that they weren't seeing ANY bulletins being sent to their FB page for quite a while. On checking our server logs, we saw no errors. Then again, we copuld confirm nothing going out to CCFD - including the daily ZFPs. On checking them again, we noted that the logs confirmed that other NWS FOs are sending out ZFPs, but there are NONE WHATSOEVER noted coming out of NWS Ruskin/Tampa. It was strange. Sent out a few queries to see if anyone else in EMWIN-land knew what was going on.

First time we'd ever encountered such an odd problem before. It was actually location specific.

On doing further research, it appears that NWS-Ruskin (Tampa) has changed quite a number of zone codes for numerous bulletins handled within it's CWA. Many zones which were previously handled as single counties have now been divided up into "inland" and "coastal". When they made the changeover on the 3rd, the old zone codes for the affected counties suddenly ceased working.

The new zone codes were updated into the server setup and all affected bulletins were again working with our system.

NWS had apparently sent out a Public Notification bulletin (PNS) about it but it slipped by us.

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Alachua County EMWIN Project
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