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Monday, May 16, 2011

Two New Custom Bulletins Added to AC-EMWIN Line-up

We've added two new custom bulletins to the list of available items from AC-EMWIN...

1) LCHGNVFL - Launch Announcement Bulletin
2) LCNGNVFL - Launch Cancellation Notice

The Launch Announcement Bulletin (LCHGNVFL) will be sent out one hour prior to any rocket launch from KSC or Cape Canaveral to notify users of an upcoming launch. It is set up weeks or months ahead of time and is automatically sent by the EMWIN software one hour prior to launch.

The Launch Cancellation Notice will announce any launch cancellations or reschedulings which might occur. This bulletin, however, is forced to have to be sent manually by the AC-EMWIN sysop at some point after the abort announcement and could be delayed by some time depending upon where I am at the time the announcement is made and how close to the actual launch time it is made. If the announcement is made long before the actual launch date, then this bulletin should be sent out in time. If the announcement come minutes before the launch, I could be out photographing it and sending will not occur until after I have returned home.

To view the last version of the bulletin, see here:


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